The Power of Praise – IMPACT-FULL!

I saw a vision of the people of God worshipping and while they were, something like a beam of light was shining from them to the throne of God (or visa versa) and then the beam of “worship’ power was being sent all around them, in the specific and near facinity as like bolts of light – some of the bolts were hitting demons. They were trying to stop the power of God from acheiving it’s purposes and trying to interrupt the saints in worship – they could not! The beams of light were hitting and destroying them and other beams were hitting people with the Love of God. Individual’s and even groups of people were stopped in their tracks wherever and whatever they were doing…it was a Holy holocaust.. AWESOME in His mighty Power and Glory…it was total chaos and so totally thrilling…as the enemy was being defeated – by the praises of God’s people and others were being apprehended by the Love of God. The people praising were completely captivated by Loving God and being Loved by Him that they were not in any way aware of the Holy holocaust going on around them…this was the Power of their Worship! 
This is the Truth of the people of God praising in spirit and in truth –  It was a great and glorious sight!!   Keep up the great work of Praising!   URLOVD.  ~ Shelley Weeks

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