Influence = In-flow-Essence

A thought on ”influence”: Your place or position at your workplace, church, community group, sporting association, educational institution is not power. Your personal standing and reputation may give you a method or sphere of people you are involved with – that does not necessarily equate to power or influence. Be careful how much power you think you have or want, rather learn to handle yourself and your personal power with excellence and be at ease with yourself. Influence is something that brings about change not by your personal attempts, power or position. People will make their own choices. Influence influences!

The ability to influence…”to be” an influence is in direct proportion to what flows into us…which in turn is allowed to flow out of us to those around us.
Learning to be still and know that God is…to allow His ”in-flow-essence” to us will enable us to be that in-flow-essence to others.
Influence contains the very essence of who we are and what is contained within us. We are carriers or containers, as it were, of an essence – an aroma that is able to waft into another persons life. Does that sound familiar? You are the aroma of Christ to this world. WAFT….Be, Go, Do because URLOVD! ~ Shelley Weeks

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