Making A Difference!

My vision to see local communities come alive and THRIVE…has brought many ideas – which I have developed into business ideas, sharing them with friends, family and colleagues.  It’s time for me to continue to develop those into something more and Make A Difference!  Yes – in our local community, our nation and to other nations.  

That is why I am stepping out to gain further skills, abilities and training with some world leaders in business in Singapore…with a Business Boot Camp for 5 days including Making a Difference in the Marketplace;  6th – 13th August 2013.

Our emerging business is all about promoting others…about leading the way in seeing His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. We have several avenues currently being developed, including an online teaching webinar called “Lifting the LID”, and a local ”bricks and mortar” business designed to promote local people – including long term unemployed and people with disabilities. Our heart is to see people in their calling and established in their destiny. Potential is great – fulfillment of potential is AWESOME – it’s destiny realised!

As a family, we have made some sacrifices and saved half of the funds needed including the kids giving me their pocket money!   I am so blessed that they are on board and want to make a difference too.

So, next week I hope to book my ticket…

If you are interested in hearing more…feel free to send feedback with a contact email or phone number and I will be in touch personally. Want to get on board? You can partner with us via the link:


Shelley Weeks




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