The way to prosperity is through giving.

The way to prosperity is through giving.

The widows mite was mighty…what she gave was of more worth, more value – than a multitude of gifts.

How does that work?

Giving to some people, seems so lame….
They have worked so hard for what they have…and indeed we ought enjoy the fruits of our labour. Therein is the rub…the hard work we have engaged in is for our benefit alone, our own good pleasure.

Here’s the thing, who has ever enjoyed their prosperity all alone? How is that fun? Do you go on holidays by yourself…in isolation from others?

I woke with this word on my mind
– inefficacy – which means to no effect…with no power to change or influence. This is not what I want for my life. The opposite is: boost, comfort, happiness, help, miracle, pleasure, relief, success, wonder.

Now that’s what I want…for myself, our family, our friends, everyone!

Giving has this affect…to boost myself and others.
There are many types of giving. Sure money seems the most obvious, however, the most precious gifts I have received have been free! For example: time and a listening ear, friendship. A meal delivered with delight, a walk with a friend, a note of encouragement, a smile, a hug.
There is no end to the methods and types of giving!
Try and come up with some ”new” ways to give today.

“He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed” Proverbs 11:25

URLOVD immensely intimately!

~ Shelley Weeks

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