There is a revolution of transformation afoot…

There is an awakening within the general populace.  Allow me to explain what I have been seeing…I have attended two different seminars in Melbourne in the past 4 weeks which have addressed some very deep issues in a very disarming and respectful fashion. I have been extremely encouraged and built up in ways that, thus far, I had only dreamed of. All from people I did not know and of whom where not necessarily of any faith. In sharing this with ‘christians’ I have been warned of the dangers of such learning and teachings. It concerns me that ‘we’ may think we have this world and life all wrapped up neatly in our Christian worldview and in doing so, we become ignorant or worse, deliberately blinded to being stretched and expanded into the people God intended us to be. I do not want to be so insulated and short sighted to think I have this world all worked out. Jesus came into this world and to those he came, many did not recognise him and many rejected him…even when He revealed Himself, according to the will of the Father.  Note to self: be not afraid of any circumstances, situation or thought…but be submitted to God in all humility, understanding that He is able to teach, guide, grow, develop, direct and protect His own in all and everything and even desires that I am expanded through the stories of others. If, however I was to forsake the teaching of Christ and depart from Him, then by all means, in love, chastise me.  May we, for now, however, reason together and understand that there is much we do not yet know and His plan is to lead us into all that He wants for us.

Is our faith so flimsy and our position in Christ so insecure that we would stand trembling and afraid of a thought or teaching that ‘may’ challenge our status quo and damage our ideologies.  Whatever can be shaken must be and the Truth shall remain. I’m not afraid of that…bring it on…and what is left is all Truth and I have been expanded. His Kingdom come!  URLOVD immensely intimately!  Shelley Weeks

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