The Mother heart of God!

Singing Love over those here present

And those to come,

The little one’s that come with

skinned knees and scraped faces,

The tears that fall upon the laps of Mothers,

Are at the same time nurtured by the One hand,

Our Father who art in Heaven,

Is displayed in and through the Love of Mothers the whole world over.

Mother’s of this world are the hands and feet,

The loving arms of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

The high calling of Mothers

Is of the Love of the Dearest Sweetest Love there is to know…

The Love of God…Abba Father.

Who rejoices over us with singing and leads are forth in praise,

My Beloved is mine and I am His,

His banner over me is Love.

Mothers and Fathers are of the one Love

And designed to nurture, share and grow each other

And their offspring towards the heart of God.


Men and women display His Glory here present

With such uniqueness and unity

That there is no need to compare

Be the Father

Be the Mother

And God be praised in this and the next generation

And those yet unborn…


Be His hands and feet

Be His Love displayed

As He has made and designed in both

Male and Female, Mothers and Fathers

Being fruitful in all that you do

With the favor of His Majesty the King of Kings upon you all.


Be Kings and Queens that rule and reign upon this earth

With Kingdom authority  and economy

Presence never ceasing – comfort, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit,

The fragrance of Christ permeating all aspects of life, living and livelihood!

So be it!


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