I was at a friends place today…her son, 5 years old and full of life – even though he was home from school sick…was cruising around checking things out – looking inside my car and observing…everything! He came over and proceeded to tell me I had food in the car. I couldn’t think for the life of me, what it was, so I asked him – “What food?” He told me exactly…there was a box of teddy biscuits.

“Oh”  I said. “you’re right…go right ahead and help yourself to a packet if you like.”     I think perhaps, he was wondering if I might be upset – and even his Mum may have thought he was a bit forward – which, frankly he was…but there was something delightful about his curiosity that led him to discover something…something he wanted and he acted on…testing out how much and how far he could go with this.  

Driving away from my friends place I pondered this..and I’m still getting a little bubbling up on the inside, of a giggle – that is a simple delight in life’s curiosities which lead to discoveries which leads to us apprehending something we didn’t have before. Love that! …and so I wrote this:

Curiosity is the ingenuity of discovery! 
Discovery is the fuel…for living! There is so much more to life, living and livelihood than what we already know. Living with curiosity….we will not just get through each day – we will have strapped on a jet-pack that thrusts us into thrills and sometimes spills not yet imagined.  Making a decision to ask questions, to continue to be curious, to learn, to grow, to be stretched and expanded – with this mindset of discovery always set before us, our fuel never runs out…

Lord what next? This Life you’ve given is so interesting, so expansive, so Delight-Full – Love you Lord!

More of all this and more to you my friends, because URLOVD!

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