Shaken not stirred!

I know, it;s a cliche line from a James Bond movie…but it works!

I guess there are some good things about being stirred…and stirred up – coffee plus sugar; stir and drink – tastes good!

So glad that i’m not inside that mug though…coz the round and round would make me dizzy and sick!  How much fun is the merry-go-round really? It only lasts  a little while…then you just gotta get off or fall off feeling yuck and chucking up.

When your shaken by God, you are still held within the Container. He holds all things together firmly and without wavering! 

Being stirred is just a merry go round that goes no where. Shaken means He’s setting you on the right course: perhaps altogether new or perhaps a slight on-course correction –  it’s Divine Direction.

I’m being shaken and it doesn’t ‘feel’ great…it feels terrible – so Terribly Great! knowing that God is intimately involved = His Divine direction in my life and as a  family. He Loves us that much to do this. 

Be shaken my friends, for His Glory…all because URLOVD and He is showing you so.

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