Fun at work…

I have a philosophy in my life in regards to work…because I have had such a varied working life and many different jobs – it’s probably been something I’ve had to ”work at” more than most – finding fun and joy in the job/s!

Work is spelt F.U.N !                                                                                                                                                                          Fun at work is not so much about what you do – but the attitude you do it in.  

Whether you clean toilets, drive a bus, waitress, build, fix, teach, nurse, police, home-maker, play professional sport, gardening, banker, shop-keeper, make coffee, child-mind…or any number of occupations….

Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t put in ‘hard yakka’ and even at times some blood, sweat and tears.  The jobs I have had so far, which is quite a list…and the jobs still set before me…have required and will require a decision on my part.  

There will be opportunity and decisions to be made about HOW I approach that job or task and then continue on in it. Indeed there have been moments when I have had to grit my teeth and put my should to the plough, so to speak – but in that moment of determination and perseverance there is also found joy and fun.

The fun and joy of work comes with experience and the choice of each moment – therein is great accomplishment!

URLOVD in every task and job you do…for fun, joy and delight!

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