Holy Fear vs other fear…

There is a place for us to continually reside and remain –  filled with Holy rest.

A place of Holy Reverence that no storm or tempest can reach – a place so far away from all that tries to cause unrest and disquiet to our soul.

The deepest and yet highest place – the inner sanctum of the heart of God, the Holy of Holies.

For after all, the curtain was rent from top to bottom that we may enter freely forever.

This is a place of Holy Fear:  For-Ever Always Residing in His everlasting arms – our real home and place of belonging.

Our place of ‘unreachableness’’ from the wiles of this world and it’s wicked forces at work to disempower the saints from all that is theirs in Christ Jesus.

A place where nothing else but Him, is.  Our true identity, our place of best fit, our all-in-all : found complete herein.

Saints residing here, have a fragrance wafting from them, an aroma so attractive, so deliciously Divine…this is the favourite flavour of all peoples and all nations being saved: almost indescribable. but for the name of God the Father, Jesus the Son and Holy Spirit – Comforter and Peace!

A Holy Fear vs other fear… 

The opposite is true, where a different kind of fear resides – that of: False Evidence Appearing Real.

For with this kind of fear, every attempt is made to dwarf all that is Good.

God cannot be thwarted or made to naught, however the enemies tactics are to minimise all that He is and He is Good!  

 Be hungry then, to reside only in the Holy of Holies, to taste and see that the Lord is Good!

Enter the Holy of Holies and For-Ever Always Remain…make it your Residence!  The Kings of Kings invites without limit those that are His own and they hear His voice…the table is spread, dinner is being served before your enemies. The wedding feast of the Lamb is in progress…whoever hungers and thirsts for Righteousness come and be filled.

So, as the Holy Fear of the Lord is upon you, even now, walk in it!  Do not be yoked again by the yoke of slavery…to sin and the minimising of His Goodness to you and through you. This means then, that all that you say and do reflects His Glory, changing you and those around you. Also, your relationship with God will affect ALL your relationships with His Love – letting Him flow in and through you – His transforming Power at work…Gloriying!  

The affect:  God’s Goodness Globally Glorifying Jesus – His name be known more and more.

“Fear clouded your minds…but you overcame that fear to succeed at your mission”  A quote I just heard, you may laugh when you hear from what show, nevertheless,TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Holy Fear: For Ever Always Residing, Resting and Remaining in the everlasting arms of God.

Fear of man: False Evidence Appearing Real

URLOVD immensely intimately…Fear not for I am with says the Lord, even unto the end of the age! Matt 28:20

One response to “Holy Fear vs other fear…

  1. I have heard sermons on or around this subject for many years. But never quite like this. Some of the previous sermons have been delivered like a sledgehammer or similar. But this has been given like the perfume from a rose, gently, respectfully entering the senses, and residing in truth and love. Giving not taking from the reader. Thank you Shelley for being open to The Holy Spirit and His leading. I believe a person can only write like this when they themselves have been in both places, know the difference and have chosen the better to be where they will live. In the loving arms of their Father in Heaven.

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