What’s the missing link? Connection…

There is so much good going on in the world (despite what the media may say – since bad news sells better)
Good reports of people being helped. Food, shelter, water, clothing, help with education, generosity of many varieties – meeting the needs of people all over the world. This is an amazing and wonderful thing to see and be a part of, good works and gifts of generosity meet the immediate and temporal needs.
All of these good things that are occurring are happening because of people connecting with other people. People seeing the need and meeting the need ….even and especially those they do not know in person! I find that very very interesting, even encouraging, about the nature and disposition of human kind in this day and age, to help each other. In thinking about it, I’m feeling there is something missing…a link to something more…than the here and now.

An ingredient that alone can meet far more than the temporal needs. It is incomprehensible to some people that there is more to life…than this temporal life!

Jesus said something like this, ”you will always have the poor among you” when the woman anointed him with the expensive perfume, in preparation for His burial and a disciple complained about the cost and how it could have been sold and money used to feed the hungry. Jesus knew something more….the door to Eternal life for all was about to be opened. To many people, death is the end…to others it is a door to something greater.
There is actually something even greater that only the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ offers…a connection far greater than this life and our temporal needs…though they seem so desperate and immediate – and they are. Though at the moment of our reckoning, so to speak, which connection is more important then? Our connection with this life or the next? Indeed the needs we meet and connections we make now are possibly our only chance to make the Biggest and Best connection of all…to the Maker of Heaven and Earth. URLOVD and so are they…here and now and forever, that’s why we are connecting amd meeting the needs…#Purpose to Connect

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