A bleeding heart…

The source of my bleeding heart…so disconcerting and at first glance, of bitterness over a relationship so broken that it seems beyond repair, for time and tempest having had it’s way for far too long.  to wreak and wrought such havoc there…but also, in this discovering…further discovery…where I and we, have striven and struggled and run toward or away – it matters not,  to hide or be found…that the One which came to seek and save the lost..Seeks still and abides in this time and space we occupy.  Whether acknowledgement or no, the Truth resides…still and without clamoring or clanging noises…though we are so good at that too, our desperate wailing and complaining and proclaiming of these undeserving, unswerving, unnerving, seeming unending moaning and groaning of present disposition…though all seems true and real and proper of our own accord and understanding…what nonsense.  Truth shall reign, with or without our consent…though what is meant for our good and His Glory results from hearts and minds, soul and strength to relent…repent…and in that moment, all energies spent…the curtain hangs, from top to bottom rent…He beckoning and imploring  “Enter” –  into His Presence and find Rest and healing…for It Is Finished NOW!

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