A little lamb and a menacing dog…

I had a dream a couple of nights ago…I could hear a lamb bleating…and bleating…in the dream, I went outside to my backyard to find the lamb. I stopped to listen for the bleating again and locate the lamb, but couldn’t find it. I stood still listening…it was such a sad pitiful crying out for rescue and comfort. All of a sudden the tiny and very weak little lamb was in front of me and then a large animal appeared a small distance in front of it. I could recognise it was a dog, not a domesticated variety I recognised but not a wild dog either…it had a collar on and tags which indicated it belonged to someone….somehow I got a close up look at the tags and although they looked legitimate – there was something ”not right” about them. The dog came closer and sat down staring straight at me…I stared straight back. There I was between the lamb and the dog…their was a pair of scissors in the grass just out of my reach, which I thought might be helpful to ward the dog off…but instead I relaxed back and just waited…then I woke up.   It seems to me, that there can be menacing ‘dogs’ skulking around…seeking out the ”little lambs” to devour and we are positioned to stand guard – not necessarily to attack, for that is not needed….just some time and space for the little lambs to gain comfort and strength to stand and stand up to the menacing…and in that moment, realise they themselves are strong enough to keep on and in due time, be the one that stands in the gap for another lamb.  

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