Truly Life is relative to location…location…location!

 I noticed yesterday when I was picking up some hot chips, whilst talking/listening with the shop owner and her  dilemmas….(and already feeling my own personal pain),  but her’s added to it,  equaled a sense of her’s and my own ‘’futility’’ and I asked the Lord about this (at the time) thinking He may have something for her – a word of encouragement or something…(He didn’t answer then, but this morning at church; that’s coming further down the page**)   Anyway, off I went…in the going, I continued to ‘feel’ waves of pain, but knew that this was/is part of my healing process.  In the early evening I text-ed some friends for prayer and then went to my room to ‘’press in” – read, pray and worship God….then –  I was captivated by His Waves of Goodness to me…electrifying, healing, beautiful…Glorious.

Praise and Waves all mixed together…giving and receiving become One!  Then these things occurred to me….

I was reminded of the picture from last year of the Wave of Glory over our church (Living Waters, Kyabram)  and then the picture transformed into a fire….can only describe it as Flames of Holy Fire. It seemed to be, that the flames were internal to external…whereas the Waves were from outside to inside (or washing over).

Some other things that I wrote down during this time, in this order were:

Hearts and minds to the Father

For repentance unto salvation

The merciful shall find mercy

I heard this:   “For this job you will need all kinds of things”

No ego-centrics, only Jesus centrics

Explosion of God Presence and Favour

Healings….saved, healed, delivered and set free.

Children : signs + wonders, Holy Spirit anointing and power.

Resources: released to you, to be blessed and to be a blessing.


And then this…

There is so much intimidation in the world…even to the extent that (within the church) people feel intimidated by God and His Goodness….and when someone shows Boldness and Confidence in the things of God, that is not necessarily a ‘good thing’ .  People want to be one-up on each other…why? A clamouring for ‘’top spot’’.  Answer: Only God is No 1….that sorts everything and everyone out.

God also showed me the congregation – as His great Desire, to worship together and that some (specifically) were highly favored (for His names sake) and I prayed for them…seeing His favour poured out upon them in the form of sweet, runny, sticky honey…words don’t describe the Great Delight He has in them and even as I prayed / saw this, I knew that while they were on their beds (it was about 1am or 2am, not sure)… He was doing this, pouring upon them, into them and through them His Divine Favour. (just saying – they were all women.)

**When I was worshipping in church this morning – God’s answer to my question about the ‘futility’ we/they feel:

We are meant to ‘feel’ theirs and even our own sense of futility at times…in order that we come to A Place.   

The Answer that we want for ourselves and ‘’them’’ is truly a Person and worshiping as we do (individually) and corporately  is such the Place and He is right there….experiencing Him is the answer to our sense of futility.  He alone shows in Him presencing with us, that all meaning and purpose is current and  extremely good. It is not something to be made ‘’sense of’’, reasoned out or otherwise.  Futility is a place and we (can choose) to go to God – an entirely different Place, a  Location and that is that. 

I’m reminded also, about “the Prize” for which we press on to win –  I think, this is my PRIZE  every day…location…location…location and all the more in Heaven!

I trust that you would be greatly blessed, as I was and continue to be, that our God is so very Delighted to show His Love and Care to us…as we abide in this Resting Place – His very Presence.  This is how we know we are Loved…indeed URLOVD truly and completely!

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