It’s time to RUMBLE and show what’s really under the hood!

The territory you are taking is so much larger than before….

Up until now, it’s been like bite size portions…a picture of a ‘party pack’ of Mars Bars…nice to share around,

but not really enough for everyone to join the party.

Right NOW….the game plan has been shifted up a gear (or two…three…or more.)

The size and proportions have be upsized…not just to medium or large….but to GARGANTUAN!

Beyond imagination BIG…

the ground work has been laid….your ‘’capacity’’ has been prepared for this shift into a new gear.

The engine has been in a process of complete overhaul and upgrade into GRUNT mode….

it’s time to really have some fun and lay some rubber on the road…..

I can hear a sound….

Now that’s sweeeeeet…not sure how many valves I hear, but it’s sure the most “Grunt” I’ve heard…for a long time anyway..

Twin exhausts are good..this is amazing!


I had a panel van once and I put twin extractors and exhaust on it…driving along accelerating gently was a great sound…pushing the foot a bit harder

brought a really great response from the engine and exhaust and the ruuuummmbballll  really told the story of what was under the hood.


I had another car, a GT HO Phase III….the most awesome car I’ve driven…so far…

I drove it only the once – in a fashion that literally through me back in the seat…the speedometer said 220 mph (I think….)

This powerful vehicle has the saddest story….driving from Launceston to Devonport on the back hilly and winding roads…I really enjoyed feeling the pulling power of the ‘beast’ up and down those hills, it’s maneuverability  wasn’t great….but hey, the GRUNT factor was sooooo much more than that.

Pushing the foot down and the response – exhilarating, thrilling – exquisite!  Alas…the story does not end well…on overtaking a ‘’slower’’ vehicle something happened…the engine coughed and the vehicle jerked….it was sickening…the power was gone and I had to fall back behind again.  I tried several more times to accelerate, but still no power and things did not sound good….a grinding, clunking noise appeared…this sounded desperately bad – perhaps even fatal. 

Limping the last leg of the journey I arrived at the Devonport boat, the vehicle lurched on and locked down for the travel across Bass Strait…I didn’t sleep…a sick feeling churning in my guts about it.  The next day all the fears where materialised as the ‘beast’ would not start…just a pathetic turning over…but the fire was gone. The saddest picture was it had to be pushed off onto the dock…rolling to a halt as it weight determined it’s distance to standstill. The buyer lined up to see it…was told the news. We made arrangements for the car to be towed to a local performance workshop and a summary investigation was appears that something very small had broken – the end off a brand new and recently installed spark plug had snapped off and entered the valve chamber….the damage to this hidden and out of sight, essential moving part seemed so miniscule…yet in reality that tiny chuck dealt a death blow to my greatest driving experience. The price was revised and he bought the ‘broken’ beast…and I don’t know from there…

The tiniest of bits can mangle the most powerful of engines…and yet, with the Best Engineer doing the constant tuning with the highest quality parts…It’s time to RUMBLE….



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