Will you be my Brother?

Recently, as I was praying for  a Christian man, who also happens to be my Pastor, I  had this question turning over and over in my brain: 

“Will you be my Brother?”

It’s an intriguing thing, that we would ask someone to be a family member as such…but I do believe, in this day and age it is really a very healthy thing to do.  Families for various reasons have geographical distance between them as well perhaps, other gaps in relational connections that may never be bridged.

As Christians, we may assume or take for granted that as believers we are already in the same ‘family’ and therefore there is no need to discuss it further…although, I do think there are different levels of ‘family’ that we can seek,  ask and develop.

In my time in Papua New Guinea, I experienced family in a way I could never have imagined..and even though there was nothing spoken to me directly, I was often referred in family terms, as I interacted amongst the people of the village.  For example, when I was introduced, the reference was always connected back to my village Papa and that I was his daughter.  This was so beautiful…so comforting and I truly felt secure, safe and looked after.  I belonged in a family and they took this responsibility seriously…always looking out for me. Most days there was food brought from their garden, some days they left me alone….somehow they knew me and what I needed and I felt nurtured and loved…truly beautiful! I came home from two years in PNG a changed person more because of the ‘family’ they were to me than any other thing. 

Many people have shared their views on a so called primitive culture – but we are the one’s missing out here in our ‘advanced’ society…

Over the years since I have had kids and my own parents are not nearby, we have often ‘adopted’ Nana’s and Pa’s and these dear one’s are so very special to our kids and to us…and quite obviously we are to them.

Our hearts are made for family, in whatever form, by birth or another means…and I will continue to ask the question of those that I feel led to:

“Will you be my Brother?”, “Will you be my Sister?”,

Perhaps some of you have even asked: “Will you be my Mother/Father?” so far this hasn’t been my experience.

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