A problem..Junk Email.

I noticed something just now…on my email program, that my Junk Email folder has to be constantly emptied..but not only do I have to empty it…then I have to go into my Deleted Items folder and delete it  again.  How annoying… Hmmmm…Junk has to be double deleted.  Wait a second…if I delete the source of the Junk I won’t have to keep doing this.  From now on, instead of sending it to the Junk folder, I’m going to Block the source…the sender. Now that should save me a lot of time and double deleting. Excellent!

 Do you find yourself dealing with junk over and again? I mean the same stuff…over and over…

When I put the trash out and the garbage collector comes…it’s gone from me for good! Many a moaning I have made at the sound and commotion of the garbage truck, doing it’s routine on every bin in the street…but…I am so glad I put the effort into putting the garbage in the bin and dragging it out to the sidewalk – to be rid of that rubbish forever – it stinks!

So here’s the thing I just learnt on my junk email folder…I don’t have to waste my time on junk coming in when I block it at the source and it’s no longer able to come in.  How do I block it?  I identify where it’s coming from and delete that sender. Then I focus on what is coming into my Inbox….because I have already determined where these are coming from and that they are from a good Source.  It takes a little time, in the beginning to determine what source I allow to send to me…to influence me….but then NO double deleting required – yeh!  URLOVD heaps…

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