A Love Affair without end…

If a ‘friend’ confessed to you of an affair…what would you say/do? …and in contemplating this..we may realise that we ourselves have been caught in a dalliance of a kind, where the object/s of our affections…all-consuming thoughts – every waking and sleeping moment is also of the same nature….
In a moment, like a jolt, from a defibrillator – the Heart-Starter upon our hearts, makes known His constant pursuing and wooing of hearts to Himself and where in Truth – our Lover has been waiting ever so patiently for intimacy with His own……

My Beloved is mine and I am His – His banner over me is Love.

This is a Love Affair with no end…and I am beguiled by His Presence…enamored with His Beauty…Speechless with Wonder and Awe at His constant Affections to me.  Who can tell of the depths of His Love, the heights of His Glorious Affections?

“My heart longs for you O God…as the dear pants for water so my soul longs after you…”

Only You, ‘Lord, satisfy me completely!

URLOVD immensely intimately!

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