Jesus wants His Body back!


Somehow the whole became many parts..

It’s wasn’t very easy for the Head to direct or speak or even smile…

with all the parts doing all their own things….pulling apart.

The very Heart of the Body was wrenched to and fro, such agony and pain…

Soon all the inward parts began to be exposed…

While the outward parts so loved to hide…


This Body once so beautiful and many more adornments to enhance..

Was torn and twisted….a ghastly sight, so desperately in need,

Some of the Body parts, ‘seeing’ this, began to reach for help..

This helped the Head for a short time…to rejoin sinews, joints and marrow.

Alas some other parts were ‘hell bent’ on the shooting of sharp arrows.

The injuries – immense and deep…the wounding to such a measure…

His Heart near broken…now with all vanity and repose long gone,

The mocking and the scorn, the humiliation – not new,


For once before this was the case…His Body hung for all to see…

Upon that rough hewn Cross of Calvary

And as then, at that time, when all seemed lost

Horrific…Terrible…and True

The sight of His Body, near no man could peruse,

For the afflictions and the scorn,  

Driven on and on with hatred

And all  the blows specifically directed,

With every effort to inflict the fatal blow,


His Head, upon that Body lifted

And all ears inclined to hear His cry,

For this was for sure the end

Not limb nor any other part left unbroken,


His Voice began and sounded,

At a volume all to hear

Those near and far

Transfixed, as if to that same Cross also..

He spoke:   “I t   i s   f i n i s h e d!”


At that moment a mighty roar

And darkness fell in instant

Then ripping sound, the clothe…

The very veil of Heaven rent

From top to bottom spent

P A U S E…


A time for now…to contemplate

A life that spoke and moved

Among so many on this Earth

Not spangled with great treasures

No glitz nor glamour to attract

Yet words and deeds, His actions

Loving, Kind, Merciful,

Authoritative too

None had walked upon this earth

In such a Way before,


The Tomb closed up and all gone home

Now only those of faithful few remained

To mourn their loss…such grief

Such disconcertion…disbelieve

One last visit to the tomb

The women,  allowed to go from home

For no point hanging out around

All manner of great sorrow

Traversed the ground with haste

Right up and entranced to the tomb

What is this…it’s open?

The angel spoke…


Fast forward to the time

For all disciples in the upper room

Not comprehending or remembering

His words, spoken in hope they would yet understand.

Instantly He appeared..and said again…

“Peace be with you.”


Absorb those words,

for He is here

Not just a time past gone,

More like a mirror so that we see…

His head begin to lift…

His eyes so full of Holy Fire…of heat intensified to White

He spoke the Words for one and all to hear

That it was done and finished

And breathed His last

And  let His Body go..


He comes to claim His own to Him

All parts in places scattered.

All along His plan, united

Living, moving, breathing


Jesus wants His Body back!


Jesus rose up from the grave,

In Spirit and in Truth,

His Body Glorified,

The Resurrection Power spent

To show us then and so in time

He would return again

His Body beauty bound…

Refinements and adornments

Not even seen for Glory Shining

His skin, his teeth, his fingers, toes

All joints, all tender parts

Restored in rightful place and form


The Body thought…and feelings

Of His time of absence, a flitter of a distant memory

For He and Life here present…

All restoration, healing, joined efforts of the parts,

His Life blood flowing unhindered from the past

His Kingdom come and will be done

On Earth as it’s in Heaven.


Jesus has His Body back!

Surrender to His devotion to you…

Devotion to God is the work of the Holy Spirit…when we even at first, glimpsed the Goodness of God, it was His Holy Spirit giving us ‘eyes to see’ and that is how our walk with God continues. Our determination or devotion of itself, will not keep us in close communion with God. It is this knowledge that we cannot even stay faithful and true to the Lover of our souls, that we realize His everlasting arms always and forever holding us true to Him. This walk of faith is pleasing to Him, as He is the substance of this Divinely apportioned faith. We acknowledge Him then…as the absolute Author and Perfecter of the Faith He has bestowed and is pleased with.  

Our passion for God is really fueled by His for Passion us..and therefore because He is never ending, so this passion, ours for Him. His deepest desire, delight and good pleasure for, towards and through us is for all Eternity; does NOT wax and wane. He is constantly in Love with us. Do not worry then if your “flame” grows dim…His never will..bask in His Eternal flame and be re-ignited by His Fire once again..and again…Holy Fire Lord, Your Eternal Flame…deep down in my soul…Hallelujah!

Surrendering to His devotion to us is the most deliciously heart filling, mind blowing, healing flowing act of the will for any person….ever and forever!