Surrender to His devotion to you…

Devotion to God is the work of the Holy Spirit…when we even at first, glimpsed the Goodness of God, it was His Holy Spirit giving us ‘eyes to see’ and that is how our walk with God continues. Our determination or devotion of itself, will not keep us in close communion with God. It is this knowledge that we cannot even stay faithful and true to the Lover of our souls, that we realize His everlasting arms always and forever holding us true to Him. This walk of faith is pleasing to Him, as He is the substance of this Divinely apportioned faith. We acknowledge Him then…as the absolute Author and Perfecter of the Faith He has bestowed and is pleased with.  

Our passion for God is really fueled by His for Passion us..and therefore because He is never ending, so this passion, ours for Him. His deepest desire, delight and good pleasure for, towards and through us is for all Eternity; does NOT wax and wane. He is constantly in Love with us. Do not worry then if your “flame” grows dim…His never will..bask in His Eternal flame and be re-ignited by His Fire once again..and again…Holy Fire Lord, Your Eternal Flame…deep down in my soul…Hallelujah!

Surrendering to His devotion to us is the most deliciously heart filling, mind blowing, healing flowing act of the will for any person….ever and forever!

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