Equality is second fiddle to Identity…

Recently, in the midst of a personal relationship break-down, I  found in my attempts to unravel and make sense of it, I was listening to someone talk about equality…which  really made a lot of sense, at the time….


We can talk about relationships and how they work or not and why not…

We can discuss about the equality of each individual in that relationship.


Bottom line is, if there is no worth or value perceived from a person internally, they will not see the need for equality.

The equality debate is already demolished..it plays second fiddle to identity – being who we perceive ourselves to be.

So equality comes out of identity…equality does not give identity to anyone.

A person can be incarcerated for a crime they did not commit, does that make them a criminal? Their identity is not a criminal, even if they are convicted.

A person may receive the same amount of pay for a job…the same as another who does it better, does that make them equal?

The equality debate becomes a mine field of subjectives…even as hard as we try and make it objective…it’s really quite impossible and even unnecessary.

Bringing who you are and your unique identity to the tabl…..whether accepted or rejected, matters not at all,  because there is no one else like you.

Equality to your identity is impossible, only as another is secure in their own identity also: we can see, we are equally of value and worth!

This is equality…living our true identity before each other and knowing and appreciating the value and worth of our uniqueness!

URLOVD…therefore Be, Go, Do your true identity!