Connecting in the Spirit

Why do we resist connecting in the Spirit?

I mean really connecting…with the Spirit of God in each other.

Like there’s some ‘fear’ that we might get it wrong…

Really, being connected in the Spirit is the easiest of thing all

Since it is Him that is more than willing to commune with us and also

Be the communion between us..

Let the walls come down between us, and we shall see

The delightful deliciousness of the Unity of the Spirit

In His Body…and this then, is His plan,

That we has this Love in us…towards each other

That the world will know, that we are His disciples

Love one another with a deep affection, that comes from God.

Love is a choice….and He chose you and me to enjoy Him and share His Love 

and keep on choosing to be connected in His Love together.

So glad…and eager to continue in this Way!

URLOVD completely, thoroughly…

How important is your address?

It seems to me,  that we acknowledge that the leaders of our nations will reside in an established residence. For example, the President of United States lives in the White House, Prime Minister of Australia lives at Kirri Billie House, Canberra, rulers and kings of many nations live in palaces.

We understand and expect and even pay for (through our taxes) a residence that is well equipped for the leadership role and will  include all the necessities and comforts required eg: security and bodyguards, gardeners, cleaners, advisers of many kinds, everything to enable them to concentrate on the job at hand – that of leading.

 What about your address? Are you a leader? In the sense that you have others that look to you for direction, support, mentoring and encouragement.

This would include every person that is a parent, someone who is engaged in volunteer or paid work…and well, all of us actually, are an example to each other and we will have resources at hand to meet that responsibility.

We may not be appointed to a leadership role in a official capacity, but we all have influence in some way, to those around us…

Take a look at where you reside…what resources are available to you…identify those that you already have and use them and also those that you need and ask for them.

Where you reside – your address, within the Kingdom of God, is so important, because if you are not aware that all resources are available to you to live and move and breathe utilising them all the more….then the House is too big for you and you will probably shift out …sooner or later.

On the other hand, as we realise more and more the size of the Residence God has designed, built and given us to Abide in, we will continue to investigate and inhabit more and more of this Address…and enjoy discovering  many more rooms!