Body shape…


God is doing something in our midst today, that will be the ‘’shape’’ of things to come.

His Body made so beautiful…spotless and without blemish again..

He can do this with or without you…

But invites you…even woo’s you to be embraced by His Body.

What has seemed so abominable, even disgusting to you

Those parts of the Body so weak and pathetic

Those hidden members – too delicate to be exposed

Given proper honour and respectfulness

And those parts exposed receiving

Only the attention needed to protect the inner parts.

As skin protects…contains, embraces and embodies,

An exterior designed to withstand the onslaught of the elements,

The interior feeds and nourishes,  supplies the nutrients required for the ‘skin’

Blood flowing, health contained therein,

the immunity at work…sending scavengers to clean up any mess

Without the skin, the gizzards hanging outside

Without the innards, skin hanging loose and limp and dead.

His Body beautiful, health and healing will abound

And coming quickly…a time where movement directed by the Head,

Makes mighty advances on this Earth, His hands, His feet

All other parts too…the eyes seeing, the ears hearing and in unison

The knowledge of His Loving Kindness,

Draws all men unto Himself.

~ Shelley Weeks

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