Chatting, Surrender & Revival

Just thinking now, how it is that we can ‘see’ each other online, (on the chat bar it shows if your friends are online) and that we can choose to interact with them or not. Some may feel that if you don’t interact, that your ignoring them and if you do, your badgering them…who can know when is a good time to connect…right?  I take this approach myself, if I want to chat I do…if they don’t want to, we don’t. Too easy. If someone wants to chat with me and I don’t, I tell them.  Aaargh…the freedom of honesty!

Now I want to relate this reality to another….how is it that we ‘see’ each other each Sunday or at other times we meet, but we may not actually know the state of another’s heart? Sounds like a deep question….and some may throw up the scripture that says: Thou shalt not judge.  But I’m not talking about that…

I am really challenged, that we should have a knowing about each other’s heart…really connecting and provoking each other towards God.

If we were to do this, as scary as it may seem to some people, a process of being ‘naked and unashamed’ before one another in the things of the heart, soul and Spirit, I do believe we would have a Holy Spirit revival in our midst…and as we determine that no matter what, we will maintain our vertical and horizontal relationships…keeping them in Top Notch order, we will also not fall prone to the highs and lows of a revival that lasts for a moment or two.

The key I believe, is surrender to Jesus…over and over again… and as we do, we are so very safe and secure in our relationships: first with God and then, one to another, that we are willing to ‘submit ye one to another’ without fear or concern.  All the hurts of past relationships are healed in His Presence and we are again free to allow His Spirit to flow to us and through us and then we shall be all parts joined together in unity! 

I am more confident every moment, He is totally captivated by His Body, His Bride and HE IS doing this in our midst…Surrender to Him and see.  So be it Lord!






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