On Being Still…


The greatest gift I have ever experienced in my life so far, is the gift of stillness.

Even if there was no other Good gift to come my way, this would be enough for me,

Yet my heart does yearns to connect in the stillness,

with  God and as well,  with my fellow man,

Women and men who are also captivated by Him

in this place of Rest,

And I do believe this is His plan,

That we meet together there….

No words, No noise, No nonsense…

Just Him and us – Together!

His Body joined as One, at Rest

For then, upon reclining…

There comes a wakeful stirring, as one from most Delicious sleep,

The knowledge rising up within and energy – such burning,

That all that happened in this resting place…is ready for the sharing

A calmness, peace and rest, that in all the world and time,

Has hungered for but somehow not been blessed…

It’s time for us to share this Gift, together first, then…

Who can know; scattered all around the world, we’ll go

To share what we have known,

Our God, of all comfort comes quietly

And then, rising up within us, like a  Mighty Roar,

Declaring to all nations… “He is the Great I AM and none besides Him be.”

Blessed be the name of the Lord, for He is Great and Greatly to be Praised!

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