A encouraging picture for all Leader’s…


I saw a picture of our Leaders/Pastors…

standing – quite burdened and weighed down

By the ministry of the church…His Body

Very few people even saw the efforts and passion

You have for them…simply too absorbed in their own pursuits

To see that your heart, like God’s, yearns for His people

To know Him and draw close to Him and each other.

In this picture…I had a sense that you had been whacked a few times,

Up side the face,  banged on the head and even some body blows…

A nasty piece of work – meant to harm you

Or at the least; distract and deject you…


Then the picture changed…


Some people began to see and appreciate

How you were God’s servants,

Faithfully bringing and handling the Word

Weekly and many times more…

And they started to say things to you…

Words of appreciation..

Words of honor

Words of respect

Words of understanding

Words of trust

Could these words be trusted?

Could this be real and true?

Or just niceties…summary ‘good wishes’?

A passing fad even? No: this is the shift..

As the people’s eyes were open..to see and say…

In Spirit and in Truth..

In all that God was doing in and through you

And your head began to lift, shoulders rising,

You were coming up to your full height

Even realising more…what He has deposited in you,

Though barely comprehending it…because of His Power

That he could…even wants to…make manifest through you…

Nevetheless…NOW..all the more willingly….

Expressing more boldly the Truths

He has placed in your heart

And the passion to serve the people

Increasing to exploding point….

And there you stood…before God and man

Completely wholly satisfied like never before…

In Him!

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