Overcomers and His Throne.

Rev 3:21

To them who overcome I will give them to sit with me on my Throne.

To wield the sceptre of Justice

To bless those I bless

To curse those I curse

To draw all men to Myself

Those that have basked in my courts

Frolicked in my Temple gates

I will not abide their playtime any longer

They enjoyed my favour and have seen my Glory

But their distractions and childish ways

No more will I tolerate

Children, I have called you to my Throne

That I would extend my sceptre to you

For the task at hand

Those that are not looking full into my Face

Busy looking down at the ‘toys’ all around

Will not partake in My Mighty Works

So, though I do not turn my face from these, My childish one’s

Gently, I nudge them out of the courts of my Presence

That they may see and notice, that their eyes have been distracted

That they had only come to enjoy me for the comfort of my Presence

Not to stand, with eyes transfixed on my Face

Those that stand – determined to seek my Face

Undeterred by any other thing,

My Face will they see!

And I will give to them, to sit with me on my Throne

And then, wielding the sceptre of my Great Justice

My Bride shall be summoned into My Presence

And the Wedding Feast being prepared

Now served…we shall sup together.



Throne of Grace =  Seat of Authority & Power

He trains us to wield the sceptre of Justice

We train others…we are all apprentices of the Master…

Looking always to Him…

What He does, we do

What He speaks, we speak

Where He goes, we go!


Your Kingdom come, is COME NOW on earth

As it is in Heaven.



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