Cheering is Contagious!

We’re on the same Team, so let’s really back each other up…cheering each other press on to win the prize Heavenward. In this fashion, we are certain to hit some Home runs together along the Way.

I say this, at the same time remembering a time I lived in Woomera, South Australia.  I grew up in this small country town of around 2500 people with an interesting population mix; 50% Americans 20% British 30% Australian’s.  Sounds like a funny mix…and it really was. At that time, in that place, there was a major focus on rocket testing and a significant development of launching pads – since the location was well suited to ‘items’ dropping from the sky, in a safe manner…into the dessert areas of central Australia.  Along with the already established American tracking station, located about 35 km away from the local township. At least the tracking station kept a keen eye on the debris as it fell, along with looking at other things…no doubt! Anyway….

The thing I meant to tell you about, was that I learnt a lot about ‘’cheering’’ in those days.  I joined a local softball team and as it happens, many of the players were American and I learnt quickly, they really do know how to cheer.

It’s true Aussie’s know how to cheer too, especially in Aussie rules, but I learnt the American way and it is very different.   Very specific, very loud and very good…if you avail yourself of it! I guess you could resist, but that is actually quite futile…because, for the most part, it is unceasing – bar for one time, when there is a team huddle and then an almighty chant, with arms lifting in unison to a crescendo…just to get things rolling.

With a smile on my face, I remember those days…and the affect it had on me.

The second year of playing I won the “Most Improved Player” which completely flawed me…I couldn’t see it myself, but they could and cheered me on very specifically. I never looked back and I highly value “cheering’’ for others. It became a part of me then and remains with me today…in fact I do believe I’ve continued to improve and I hope I continue to….with a little cheering on from others. 

If cheering isn’t really your thing or your not used to someone else cheering for you…that’s OK, however, as you practice, it is quite contagious…you will notice as you do it to others, their faces will change, shoulders lifting ever so slightly upward…they get taller!

Be contagious…cheer at every opportunity…and even better, in a group…a huddle of arms interlocked, heads bowed close together…starting from whisper and rising up….into a crescendo of a chant that makes all eyes look to the group…WOW! they say, their having a great time – I wanna be a part of that TEAM!

URLOVD and that’s something to cheer about!

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