Enhancing His Glory – He is!

Human opposition only enhances your Glory, for you use it as a sword of judgement.

 Ps 76:10


May it be, that within the Body,  there are those appointed and anointed by God

To build up the saints in their most Holy Faith,

Faithfully administering the Word and ministrations of the Spirit

And then, they see or sense, there are others that also perceive

The things of the Spirit and then there comes an unholy protectiveness

A righteousness of ‘sorts’, to protect what is ‘rightfully’ theirs…

Who owns His Mighty ways….who says to God: do this or that.


Opposition to the Lord’s Spirit in the lowliest of creatures

Is more futile than anything on heaven or earth.

The Lord lifts up whoever He chooses

And bows low, in fear and trembling

His servants also,

All who come….are received, embraced,

Each vessel fit, for the King’s Majestic service

 and who is man to oppose Him.

Yet still trying…and then, again in His mighty Power

He is able to show His Justice and Mercy.

Be merciful O God to your people,

Let all the earth declare, You are God!

All your people, lift up Holy hands

In reverent fear and trembling

For you alone are God!

Our minds cannot conceive the Goodness and Glory of God

His Mighty works and ways shown

And Gloriousness yet to see

Let us all – stand in Awe and Wonder….

Side by side, in Unity

His is the King of Kings

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