Uniquely fitted for the task…empowered also…

The ‘world’ has, it seems, no problem with all people, of varying abilities, doing any job, task or duty and valuing every individual for their contribution. There may be some disparity on equal pay, though this gap does appear to be lessening – this shows at least a willingness to accept that a change is needed and a process implemented to bring about equality there…otherwise: Who does the job is determined by who is the best equipped to do it. This is, in essence, a recognition of the uniqueness of individuals to perform the tasks and roles they are best fitted for, as well, allowed and empowered to do so…sound like something we need to do more of, in the ‘church’?

We are uniquely fitted for the task or “good works, prepared in advance for us to do”…and at times, I have found, a Holy Restraint upon the momentum to entering that ‘good works’.  There is, I recognize the Hand of God in this and yet also, there is a hand that is not His, that of the hand of man, which imagines that the roles, tasks and abilities of individuals must be further tested and refined….or simply do not qualify for such a ‘good works’ and even disqualifies some because of personal understandings or misconceptions of the context of Christ’s mandate to all believers. 

It is a Duty of Care for all leaders and ministers ‘over’ others to shepherd or ‘equip the saints’ into those ‘good works prepared in advance’:  Not picking and choosing, selecting what may look more appropriate or acceptable in our own eyes…after all, God chooses the weak things of the world to confound the wise.  May we not confound the plans of God, by confusing our own understandings of scripture…and who is acceptable and who is not.  God chose David over all his brothers…puny, weakly, shepherd boy – apparently.,..though we read, in the isolation of the task – He was then able to be revealed to be a giant in God’s Kingdom.  We also, must not look at the outward, but the inner life in Christ…and by His Spirit, recognize with complete clarity those that are being lifted up to bring Great Glory to His Name. You ready…to have those eyes? and ready to speak out and over those one’s that He has chosen…there are many not yet revealed, but the time is near and they shall be raised up. A mighty army raised up…with only one aim: to LIFT UP the NAME OF JESUS and recognize and empower others to do likewise…


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