Worship and His Presence…

There is a place we can go corporately, that we haven’t been before…in the Unity of the Spirit.  Specifically, I can see in corporate worship, during church services where the congregation is ‘’led’’ into God’s presence.

This is happening and going to happen in more and more places – fundamentally because the worship teams are coming together in Unity prior to the service or corporate gathering.  It is no strange or odd thing or an occasional occurrence – that God would just ‘’show up’’…it is namely because His people have sought His face – specifically and diligently.

For the worship team, not just in the technical side – of tuning instruments and voices, of equipment setup and sound levels…really those are of very little consequence.  If, as the worship team meets, with unveiled faces before God and each other, humbling themselves and seeking intimacy with Him individually before meeting and together…and keep on doing so, encountering God on ever deepening levels, then the ingredients for a great and mighty Presence of God during the corporate gathering of the Body is totally and absolutely a Given!  

We must encounter God prior to the ‘’event’’ in order to know when He is Presencing Himself amongst His people. There is a difference and we must discern, as we are in step with the Spirit of God, as He reveals Himself to us during those team practices and really become more and more comfortable with His Presence, in order that we are able to assist others towards being comfortable with His Presence also.  

 There is a saying: You cannot lead where you have not gone. Do you want to go there? If not…why not? If yes…then press in more diligently, earnestly with expectation that He is even now answering your hunger for more of His Loving Presence…then you can lead others there also…resulting in greater Praise to our God and King!  URLOVD completely! 

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