It’s time to recognize…

This time we live in now, is a time to see and recognise that all that you are and all that those around you….are made for such a time as this.

It’s not time to look and compare or look and then criticise yourself for what you do or don’t have. It’s not time to be jealous or envious for what another one has been given. It’s time to REJOICE loudly, that God has bestowed so much and is so willing to bless all who come to Him.

Your great Joy is in His Presence and therefore when you see His Presence on, in and through another person, the only RESPONSE is even greater Joy at His work in them…in fact you cannot contain it and just have to say something – acknowledging God right there, in them. That is how we live today. We resemble Him…and recognise Him…and provoke each other towards Him more and more as we do so.  Recognise God in someone today – and tell them so…and watch God come ever more alive in them, spilling over all the more, to those that so desperately need Him.  URLOVD and so are they!

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