His Freedom & Justice for ALL!

Do we think we can be merciful and meter out justice to those afar off, but forget those nearby?  Do we think that this is something that our God would overlook?  For example: As we have a heart to reach out and assist those caught in human trafficking and the injustice and abomination of it and yet allow a type of ‘imprisonment’ and ‘slavery’ within our own ranks? Really…do we think we can continue in this way? Are we so blind not to realise that the very thing we are trying to achieve ‘’out there’’ is the very thing God wants to achieve ‘’in here’’ ; in the hearts of men and women. To set each other free to be ALL that God has created and designed each one to be…that HIS GLORY would be seen and His Name known through all generations…through ALL HIS SERVANTS, young & old, man & women & children – all are in Christ!

The undercurrents of oppression run deep, right here in our backyard…let us not fool ourselves into thinking we can bring justice to ‘’those out there’’ and not be required to bring it also right here to one another.  This is the Power of His mighty work within us…extending His sceptre of Justice to all that He extends His justice to and He bestows Authority on whom He bestows it.  God forbid, that we would attempt to hold back or withhold His hand.

This is of Mighty consequence in His Body today…Press into this and hear what He is saying…then we must take action: both ‘’here’’ and ‘’there’’.  #URLOVD

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