“LET RIP” in the things of the Spirit.

Have you ever noticed that when you ‘’let rip’’ in the things of the Spirit…people around you are not really sure ‘what’s up’ with you.

I’ve noticed this and in particular sensed ‘’disapproval’’ from places and people I would never have imagined…                         I got ‘’the look’’ the other day when amongst ‘’family’’, like I should ‘’pipe down’’ or get back in my box or something…hmmmm.  I get it, kind of..  Walking in complete Freedom can be a little intimidating to other ‘’family members’’, especially those a bit ‘higher up’ the family tree.  Living, moving and having our being in Him is a place of Freedom and some people just get a bit edgy….it’s just not possible to control that kind of living free…must be frustrating for them.  Oh well, I’m just going to keep swimming in His River of Life and know that others are hungry for the same and already jumping ship…joining together to be entirely Free.  This is no passing phase…the ‘Cat’s outta the bag’, as in Jesus day, a man once said, my paraphrase:  

“If this is of man, it will quickly fade and be forgotten, if from God, you will not be able to oppose Him” 

It is for Freedom you have been set free!

He whom the son sets free, is FREE INDEED!

Of His Kingdom there is no end!


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