Level of exposure….?

It is such an interesting thing to observe how many of us really do not like being ‘exposed’…what I mean is, that for the most part, we don’t want others to know stuff about us. Why would that be? Do we have something to hide necessarily? Or is it just that perhaps there are things in our lives we might be a little embarrassed about…or even ashamed that someone else would know a detail, that we would rather them not know. What is it about hiding that seems so…well…right?  

I’m not suggesting we should allow ”everyone” deep into our private lives. I am however provoking us towards a level of transparency that would allow us to build up and encourage each other, at a deep level, as well as being accountable and teachable in other areas. It is easy to ”stand afar off” and not really get our hands dirty in each others lives.

To say: “Well, it’s not really any of my business that this or that is happening…”what could I do anyway?”.    

It is a sign of “greater Love hath no man, than who that lays down his life, for his friends”….when we willingly submit ourselves to one another in this way of sincere Love for one another.  

Standing off at a distance, might be the ”correct” thing to do…but is it the Biblical thing to do?

How are we to be like ‘iron sharpening iron’ if we barely get close enough.

We are not so fragile that we would break either, if we were to make a mistake in our attempts to go deeper into relationship with others. It’s a process. It’s a God thing too…He wants us to go deeper into Him and also with each other. There is great safety there…at first, it may not seem so, but truly the effort is worth it!


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