One Amazing Women…

I spent some time with a friend today. She isn’t someone I see that often. Our children used to attend the same school, until it shut down last year…now we are at different schools. We get together for our kids birthdays and we all love the catch up and enjoy to see how much they’ve all grown up. Funny and fun times.  Today our chat was about other things….

She has shared with me before about her life…some of her history, a past that perhaps isn’t what she might be proud of…and she tells me what she does at weekends. It’s not the sort of story you might want to listen to for too long….of night clubs and dance rave parties…of the tales of young people getting wasted and washing down their throats ‘unknown’ substances…of groups of ‘friends’ leaving each other for dead in the gutter, men hauling doped up, drugged up girls off to multi-storey car parks. She tells me all this…and I listen…my heart so heavy I can hardly breathe…my mind cannot comprehend why human beings would do these things to themselves and each other. And she tells me how she is there…

…as often as she can…to help them. Her and a group of mates love to dance and hang out together, they always look out for one another and if one of them goes AWOL for any longer than a few minutes, they are on the hunt to get them back in the fold. They are also part of a team of people that are like ‘first aid” officers…security know who they are and if anyone is found ”out cold” or some other ‘state of being’ they look to this group to assist. In my mind, they are an elite SWAT team…at the ready any moment. Without someone who knows what is going on or what might happen to an individual under these circumstance and influences – a life is lost within minutes.  The task, as I hear it, is overwhelming….exhausting, frustrating…

She told me of how a young girl was found collapsed and a security officer screamed at her to assist…she guided the girl to another spot and quickly went to find her ‘friends’ to take her home. The ‘friends’ denied they knew her. On returning to the girl, she had been whisked away just minutes before…in hot pursuit of her, my friend found herself searching a nearby multi-level parking lot, knowing full well that this case was a goner….and hoping that the end result would not be a traumatic case of unspeakable abuse or worse, the end of a life.  Her efforts, at times, sounds so futile…but all I hear is one amazing women putting herself out there to snatch even one life back from self-destruction.

She’s one of my hero’s…and I cannot cheer her on enough! 

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