His plan is Perfect!

The object of my Faith

Being made known, among men

Yet, this mystery…not yet grasped or taken hold of

Sits at fingers tip…

Reaching more towards the reacher

Giving more than…any receiver could hold

Receptacles made and Holy be, poured upon; bestowed

That His Kindness, Goodness, Glory be

Made known…be shown…shared, imparted even

As He flows in and through them all.

The pots so varied…variegated, thrown upon His moulding wheel

Seeming haphazard, yet plan so bold and purposeful

His keen eye knew…this one would take some time

Best efforts: time, His hands – though aching

For only awhile longer…the Vision in His mind extended

Where – made and fired, through all it’s proper process

He sees and holds – embraces lovingly, what once seemed rough, unhued – a clump of clay

Now finished into His plan and Great Delight

A vessel fit and ready…already now, being Filled

His pleasure; the ingredients are few,

Being poured and splashed upon it’s inner shell

And somehow, porous – leaks and spills,

His plan is Perfect –  all is well!

~ Shelley Weeks

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