The Body Whole – No Strife


May well we think of lust

Of sinful pleasures on the mind

And then of body to enact

Yet, lust is not so confined

To such and such an act


For where there is a thought

That self and another is of value

Differing and price paid, bought

Therein, it is great loss

For we have sold another

And one becomes the boss


And returning to a new found Truth

It is quite plain and right for us to discover

The blood bought price was paid

Completely and totally – for each other.


To walk within this place and see

That all that Christ, upon that Tree

Completed, finished, for you and me

Means so much more….ALL are Free!


No slavery to penchant whims

No need to pull on gloves to win

We stand aside, abreast the width

Formidable…a team                      

With mightiness within it’s ranks

The likes unseen – yet inkling known

Now, rising up, we’ve all come Home.

Belonging,  joining, tethered for Life

And Breath is breathed…

God’s Spirit Life

For they;  now Them, complete and whole

His Bride – all parts together,

There is no strife.


~ Shelley Weeks

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