Holding to our ‘perspective’

It seems so right and proper

Standing firm on one thing or another

Must be done, a need – must bother.


For where there is a black and white

Really, it’s no issue…God won’t smite

For we must stand on our own ground

With all the ‘facts’ for our great fight…!

It’s won you see, when we can firm to say

I will not budge, my view will be

upheld, in this here court.


There is another way,

that sounds at times, quite lame…

A liquid approach…suspending judgement

Waiting while the sediment settles,

Allowing slow and drippolating…

An aroma, a sniff of perfumed air

Another thought, not yet caught

Wafting by, almost heard – not yet taught

On a topic, conversation to be had.


This, a strange and awkward place,

Where tangents, angles and sharp edges meet

But for clashes up against, need not really be.

If softening of the straight lines and more curvature we see…

A melding of the harshness, a blending of the thoughts,

We discover in this middle zone, a common ground of sorts,

May not, to full agreement stand,

Nor even reach for hand in hand

Of matters of such difference and inclinations t’ward,

But here we find the Greatest Mind

And then, in silence…

Humility and deference – kind

His Loves shines Brighter now

And none is better, lesser, greater

For both and all, in awe and wonder,

Stand wholly surrendered…to ponder,

No differences of thought or dream

Will ever mend the blood spent Cross

Nor sew up Holy cloth rent seam

For He alone is all in all

And now we bow our knee and fall

Faces bent, bodies low, Dear God forgive us…  

That we be found –  to have no gall.

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