What comes between History & Destiny?

What is the connection between History and Destiny?

The time in the middle called NOW.

The beginning and the end are sorted.

Being sure of the beginning and definite about the end…

Every moment in between is also secure and we are determined then,

To do all that we can do…to make a difference here and now,

To live and move and have our being in this moment.

Surrendered completely, what may – agony or ecstasy…yet greatest Joy!

I am certain you were born for such a time as this,

And who we are is shaped by History and led by Destiny..

Right now –  in this ‘Middle’,

URLOVD entirely, truly, fully and completely.

Walking in that knowledge…letting it sink all the way in,

Great Confidence rises up…and even in the tiniest recesses..

The corners of the rooms of our lives,

Something forms afresh, being watered by this Truth…

A new bud of Faith,

A flower of Hope emerges…

And the Power of  Love Erupts…


Everywhere for everyone.

The plan and purpose: His Promise fulfilled to all humanity..

That none should perish, but in this NOW, come Alive to Thrive!

~ Shelley Weeks

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