An Infected Finger

It’s seems crazy that such a tiny little infection would cause so much discomfort!

And I don’t even know how it got infected, there is no external evidence of an intrusion into the skin

No splinter, cut or graze, no other sign or symptom of the source of this pain.

But there it is….no ignoring it – throbing, swollen and delicate

and I have to protect it all the time.

Even the slightest ‘brush’ past anything or anyone and it’s instant agony

That tiny little infection, in one seemingly insignificant finger.

A finger that would normally just be happy,  without any care in the world

without even being noticed…just doing it’s daily wiggling…

For now though, it’s front and centre in everything…the nuisance of it!

Well, it could be that, or it could be an opportunity to show some very special

tender, love and care…some downright appreciation for what it would normally be doing.

My fingers are so necessary for everyday life, living and livelihood…

I am absolutely most happy to tend to it’s healing process…and quickly!

So the rest of the body can get on with it’s normal duties too…

Every part working together in harmony!

Gotta love how the body works – miraculous synergy!



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