Have I done my dash….?

It seems there’s times – in this life,

When speaking truth and doing life,

I get myself in all sorts of strife,

Coz speaking out, from the inside fluff

Can be so full of serious stuff

and even cause others, to get in a huff

When really, all this is about

Is my heart and yours being more ‘stout’

and no matter a quiet voice or shout,

We can walk this walk 

And enjoy a really good talk

No matter the topic, no one keeps score

Nothing off limits, no one being a bore,

Expressing our stuff  – sometimes feeling a dill

Or just letting it out – saying our fill

Can we honestly say…”all limits are off!”

and we will choose not to scoff,

No matter our words, we gave it a bash

Don’t worry now friend, you’ve not done your dash!

I will stand alongside through think and thin

No matter the sound and sometimes the ”din”

We are family you see…through thick and thin!

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