Provoking…how much more?

I can honestly described myself as a “heart on my sleeve” kinda gal.

Really, what you see is what you get…and I acknowledge, that this is challenging..

To me and others, because truly, for most of us, it’s uncomfortable to ‘expose’ too much

of our inner world…perhaps the good stuff or even the bad stuff, but to be consistently

”out there” takes a lot of effort…it’s a choice and a deliberate one by me. 

I have and continue to make a deliberate choice to live my life ”before God and man”

Of course, in this Way, asking and receiving guidance from God, as to the level of disclosure –

it’s just not a good idea or safe with everyone…having said that, it’s also not a great plan to hide

our true selves from others…how else is God going to show Himself through His creation and

also divulge Himself to others, if we are constantly hiding who He has uniquely made us.

It’s not really that difficult to stay ”out there” as we are meant to.

It’s called “I Surrender All” and nothing is impossible for God.

I am glad, for the most part, that as I continue to choose to walk this Way,

Others are also provoked towards God and they also continue to provoke me

Gotta Love that…and I want so much more of this Way of Living! 

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