God gives us permission…within our competencies.

I heard a Doctor today, instructing a younger Doctor; which I found very uplifting and encouraging. How good is it that we can pass on to others, the things we have learnt – even and especially if those things are not necessarily taught in the academic classroom but certainly in the classroom of everyday life. He was discussing how important it is to stay focused on the task at hand and not be distracted by the myriad of things going on all around. That, in itself, was an awesome comment…then he went on to say this:

“It is vitally important that you stay within your competency level.”  (WOW…and double WOW!)  I didn’t hear anything else…since they were actually right across the room from me…and it was even amazing that I heard that much. I guess I was just ‘meant’ to hear that!  So…here I am, thinking on those comments, right before my son is to go into a day surgery procedure with this very Doctor.

How much confidence do you think I had right then?  For this Surgeon to be passing on this wisdom to his understudy and then go on to treat my son?!  I am still thinking on this too…and asking: “What are my competencies?…and how good it is to stay within them; with God’s permission, protection and promises fulfilled within.”


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