Pulling together or apart?

I’ve written before about the Body and how important each part is to the Whole.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this, sensing that there is such pulling and tearing going on inside the Body…somehow an unawareness of the damage done and being done. If our mandate is to ”draw all men unto Jesus” which to me, means Connection…then we also, ought to be so well Connected to the Head and the rest of the Body…indeed  that nothing can separate us…not even our differences of opinions or our varied theologies…because as we put on Love, that binds us together, we are made One in Christ.  

Why then, such biting and devouring of each other on issues that are secondary? Let us speak plainly to one another and stick to the Truth. For the most part; it’s my sense that this comes from an attitude that one person has ”greater knowledge” or ”standing” in the Kingdom than another and just like the disciples walking with Jesus, He answered them simply: “Become like a child!”  

See Matthew 18:1-4

URLOVD as uniquely and completely as the next person.

Shelley Weeks

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