The trial of our faith….not what you think!


We understand that we are in this world, but not of it and that we are of another Kingdom!

There is a ‘strange’ anomaly going on…those within the same Kingdom want to ‘’lock horns’’ on theological questions and issues that are simply a distraction to the main Point! The trails of our faith are not so much from those ”against” the Gospel, but those wrestling with the theological issues…which of themselves may not reflect a ”greater Love” approach.

I read a brilliant quote the other day along the lines of:  If your theology doesn’t move you closer towards people and loving them more, then your theology needs to change. (from Bethel Church, Redding, USA)

What to do then? I personally am willing to not contend with such theologies,in fact right now, I choose not to.                                   My decision is to contend with the things that are worthy of the Price Jesus paid…that of Loving others towards Him.

Of spending time with those that are ready and willing to hear the Truth, the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven. The fields are ripe for the harvest! No more wasting time on ‘’sideline’’ issues…such a distraction and frustration…not needed, not wanted, not good! I’m going for the Goal…and on the field with a Team that is going for the same thing. Let’s get on with the job!

Lead us by your Mighty Hand O’God…no other time like the Present and your Presence with us; where History and Destiny meet..right NOW!   URLOVD…so are they!

~ Shelley Weeks 

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