What is Koinonia?

Encountering times or seasons in life, where it seems there are ‘gaps’ between ‘what is’ and ‘what is meant to be’ can be a bewildering and lonely place…a wilderness of sorts.

However, this was not uncommon to Jesus, as He walked this earth…yet He always looked with eyes filled with Love towards those around Him, when, at times, they just didn’t ”get Him”. He spoke several times about things that where not yet revealed or that they did not understand yet and then later, He took time to explain to them, unveiling the Truth hidden within His teachings and parables, to His closest friends. He was modelling ”koinonia” (means:Christian fellowship or communion, with God and with fellow Christians) the in depth fellowship and sharing He wants us to have…more and more with Him and each other.  It is not a secret society of believers…it’s not a separate ‘elite’ group or those that are more ‘spiritual’….this is His plan for us all. He is the One that unites us, as we allow His great work in us. In our drawing near to God and really, His drawing near to us…that Closeness also enables us to draw closer to one another.  This is how the world will know, that you are my disciples by the Way we love one another! An attractive distinguishing mark, easily recognised by everyone…unless you are blind.


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