Removing the veil of ‘credentials’…

Credentials and competencies…both are necessary. One has already done the work in the classroom…the other working consistently, adding knowledge and understanding without stopping.

To gain a qualification is no small task and takes commitment and a dedication to the appointed study program. It is a success to engage and complete a study program and then hopefully, have an opportunity to ‘put into practice’ all that has been learnt.We see sometimes however, no matter how many qualifications a person attains, they still may not be able to gain a position in that credential.

We also know, that many people have not had opportunity to study, work or learn in this ‘ideal’ environment we call academia, but somehow they are able to gain knowledge, understanding and competencies.

There could be a sense that they don’t really deserve ‘’it’’, that they don’t have the ‘credentials’; the university degree, they are not really ‘legitimate’ because they haven’t taken the course or studied the intricacies or deeper things of the subject. 

I think, many of us can honestly say that our own ‘’experiences’’ of learning have come as solidly, not through the classroom or academic arena only; but through ‘’real life’’ on the job training.  Acknowledging that academia is of very great worth and necessary for most livelihoods, either way, a person can be equipped, trained and appointed with or without academic credentials. They must prove, by their competencies, that they are capable and equipped for the task and importantly, willing to gain further skills, where there may be existing gaps and work with others that have a diversity of skills. It’s a level playing field in this way, for both qualified (credentialed) or unqualified (uncredentialed).

Credentials are useful however without competencies…it’s just a piece of paper.

Combining both; now that’s really where the greatest work gets done!


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