A juxtaposition…uncomfortable yet necessary!

I have come to realise that there are certain places and among certain people that I will never be fully accepted, for the most part, due to a religious culture that pervades our ‘personal style’ of Christianity. We may well hold to views, opinions and theologies that have their roots deeply entrenched in church history, yet do not have much at all to do with Jesus of Nazareth. I will however, continue to avail myself of the great and wonderful blessings associated with being part of His Body, of the fellowship and teachings of Christ, with the knowledge that not all things that flow from the institution of the church are from Him. A juxtaposition that is necessary in this age…and contains and outpours much Grace. #Helivesinme!

There have been many comments and replies to the comment above and my further response will clarify my stance in order that no one is led astray by any particular leaning that may be interpreted from it.

The reality is, we live in a fallen world, including within ‘organised religion’ and therefore, as such, individuals meeting together, over time form a group mentality and culture that becomes the pervading religious system, which is virtually impossible to penetrate, debunk, influence or even talk about and If there is even a hint of such ‘dissension’ the walls start closing in…such is the system of protection for the establishment.  

I have seen it in other places also…like in social groups and gatherings, sports teams and especially in work places…so it’s not just a ‘religious’ thing…but it really does come from the same place…a need to ‘keep control’ and keep constituents “Protected”:from unseemly (different) schools of thought or persuasion and those, therefore, with slightly differing opinions are succinctly and successfully shut up and out.  It is with such vigor and efficiency that this takes place..sometimes, all in the name of ”decency and order’ or perhaps the weapon of stealth: Silence:- which is the most deadly weapon…for indifference is far worse than opposition. Then, there is barely a sign that it had even ”happened”.  A suspected ”revolt” dead in the water; before it even got afloat – mission successful: status quo maintained.

If we were to perceive and allow such voices, no matter from where they come…if we could possibly engage in an open and honest dialogue, at the very first opportunity and without delay… as well, no fears for threat to position or establishment or other presented.;  there may just be a chance of drawing together the ‘cords that bind us together in Love’ instead of using them to strangle the voices of those that are seeking answers to legitimate questions…on a journey of discovery towards the very Heart of God. Who are we to stop them?  That? 

Indeed, as one reader replied: IF WE HAVE INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP WITH LORD IS ENOUGH   I cannot fully concur…and my response.. “Yes, first is our intimate relationships with Jesus, our head and His Body (his Bride), also connected. Both are required for a strong and vibrant faith. “do not forsake the gathering together” no matter the challenges that presents. He is Present to continue to heal and make whole…making His Bride perfect. and this is how the world will know that you are my disciples, by the way you Love one another…the greatest challenge of our time…for, if we do not Love as Brothers, how will the world know or what will attract them towards Him…and His Body? 

Jesus wants His Body back…Perfect and Whole and we must continue towards that with all means possible.

Our connection to the Head is essential; our connection to the Body keeps us grounded.

Staying connected vertically as well as horizontally is not an optional extra…and most certainly will be uncomfortable at times – keep going towards the prize.

URLOVD and legitimately accepted in the Kingdom of God, no matter your level of agreement to the ‘establishment’.

~ Shelley Weeks

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