Christ Emmanuel – God with us!

Talking to my children today about how we can see God in every detail of life. That He made us to know Him and enjoy Him and He us. Oh, that we would know how much He delights in us…then we would not give a thought to any other thing…nothing would distract us from this one abiding Truth; He is Christ Emmanuel, God with us!

This really is the one thing that I want my children to know, lean into and rely on. To live their lives from this place; not just of knowledge of the Truths of the Bible, but to know the Living and Abiding Word – Jesus by the Holy Spirit.  As Jesus said; ”if you have seen me, you have seen the Father”.  So, then, we are made aware of God, in His entirety, the Triune Godhead, three in one.

This is not comprehensible by the mind…but is revealed only by His Spirit…

Many a person, in trying to make it work within the framework of the mind only, has found one of two ways to go….his own way in reasoning or the Way of the Cross. Simply; unreasonable! There is only one Way, Truth and Life – Jesus.

We may well choose to go our own way…but even so, there is no Peace and Rest there.

Jesus said: “The Kingdom of God is for such as these…” and “you must become like a child”. It’s all there in the Book!


URLOVD so immensely intimately…

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